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"Here's a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity for your High School Baseball Player to get ADVANCED and PERSONAL training from Some of the Top College Coaches in the Country!"

Dear Parent,
If you want your child to have the BEST chance to reach the next level in their baseball career, then you absolutely don’t want to miss this event. Here’s why:

Most likely, your child has expressed his desire to play college baseball.  And, as a parent, you want nothing more than to see your child succeed. You’ve seen them develop from little league all the way to high school and you know they have the potential to be so much better.

And, the reason why you sit in the hot bleachers, day after day, is because you want your son to have every chance to develop their skills and one day play in college or even in the major leagues.

That’s also why you’ve taken them to events (year after year) for a chance to get the one-on-one coaching experience they need to grow and be seen.

But, what you’ve found is that these events are nothing short of a “cattle call” where there are hundreds of players and a handful of coaches.

As a caring parent, it breaks your heart to see your child constantly being overlooked. Sitting like an ant in a mound – never getting the personal attention they came for.  So, again, your child leaves without being taught skills or valuable baseball tips needed to excel past the high school baseball playing level.

Getting an Edge Over the Competition
What you need is for your child to be noticed and get serious training from experienced coaches to give him an “edge” over his competition and develop him into a “pro worthy” baseball player.  And, you’re in luck because here’s how I can help.

Hi! I’m Jason Alamo. I have worked as a college coach for many different high school camp events for other organizations. Below, is a list of schools where I’ve coached baseball.

      • Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
      • University of Texas – Pan American
      • University of Tennessee (Baseball Strength Coach)
      • Wharton County Junior College
      • Harwich Mariners Cape Cod Collegiate League
      • Peninsula Oilers Alaskan Collegiate League
      • Sanford Mariners New England Collegiate League
      • And, I’ve helped develop over 85 players selected in the Major League Draft, including six first-round selections!

As a former college coach at numerous programs, I saw firsthand what many of these events are life. In fact, I used to be invited to be a part of many different events throughout the United States, and it really was a CATTLE CALL.

There were simply too many players and not enough coaches to do the job. I felt the players were being robbed of what they really deserved.  Just working those camps left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I knew that there had to be a better way to help high school players with a dream to make it on a college baseball team. That’s why I started the Best At The Bay  High School Camp.

A Baseball Event Where Opportunity Begins
This event is a 2 day baseball camp in Corpus Christi, Texas, where high school freshmen through seniors come to be instructed and seen by college coaches. These college coaches will be doing instruction, evaluation, and interacting with all of these players.


To give you some insight on what I mean, in the past four years we have had coaches from St. John’s University, Colorado Rockies Major League Scout, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Wharton College,  Alvin  College, The University of Miami, Texas A&M Kingsville, University of Texas-Pan American, Texas State University and others….  If you heard about it, you already know that our coaches were constantly interacting, giving advice and feedback, and helping these players excel in their position. The feedback we got from parents and participants was…
Many have been to as many as 20 other events in their high school career and never been a part of an even that provided such close contact with college coaches.




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I guarantee you that after this camp, your child will have heard and learned things that they’ve never heard or thought about in all of their years in baseball. This type of information is the missing piece that your player and most players are missing.  Imagine your child hearing, learning, and being coached for two days from our coaches that have:
Helped Develop 100’s of Major League Draft Picks and College Players!
For instance, one of our coaches, Coach Schnall, has coached for over 40 years at every level, including major league division I universities and even coached the Tampa Bay Devil Rays Manager Joe Madden. He has been so successful, he even won the SUPER BOWL as an NFL Coach with the New York Giants!  There is no doubt that the information your child will get will be the most valuable piece of coaching information they’ve ever heard!Most importantly, your baseball player will be around these coaches who will watch them and help take their game to the next level, as they have for thousands of players.

Now, imagine your child being coached by these professional coaches during their games and being able to understand and be given instruction about the things they are looking for in players and the skills and techniques your child should be thinking about!

Your Child’s Two Days at The Best At The Bay 2012 will be the Most Enlightening, Exciting and Beneficial Baseball Days They’ve had in their High School Career!

You’ll also notice, college coaches are…in attendance, and not only in attendance, but on the field coaching the players.Each player gets a verbal evaluation about their skills and areas of strengths and improvements during the camp. And, they’ll interact daily with the coaches as they’ve instructed in all facets including actual game play where the college coaches are coaching the teams!  
Coaches also demonstrate techniques, drills, and training with the players.

Now for the real question, who’ll be there?  The coaching staff includes coaches from five colleges and one major league scout!

And since only 30 players (maximum) from any U.S. High School will be accepted, there’s a player to coach ratio of 6:1! So, your child is guaranteed personal, hands-on attention.  Even camps offering low player numbers still accept up to 100 players!  No camp in the country offers such low number of players per camp with so many college coaches!  This camp WILL SELL OUT!
Your Baseball Player Will Also Get:
  • Close, personal contact with college coaches in games, drills, and instruction
  • A chance to learn and develop the skills that college programs look for in players
  • To gather baseball knowledge from coaches that have combined 100+ years coaching experience
  • Increased confidence in their game
  • A clear understanding of higher level techniques in mechanics and game situations that are taught at the higher college and major league levels
  • And much, much more!


  • Being coached and given valuable advice and information about their playing skills, during actual game plays
  • The ability to develop comprehensive drills and techniques currently being taught at major universities
  • Learning specific pitching, fielding, and hitting techniques and base-running only known to coaches who are uniquely experienced in these areas

You’ll also find, the Best At The Bay is a great opportunity for high school players to play structured, live action games, learn premier training strategies and drills, and have close contact with college coaches before their high school season in the spring.
Your high school player will also get…

  • An increased confidence and control in the game of baseball
  • Reduced risk of potential for arm injury thanks to proper mechanics
  • Correct and accurate development of mechanics
  • Techniques for increased throwing velocity
  • Improved swing and hitting approach
  • Better confidence as their knowledge and skills improve
  • Increased strength, speed and agility
  • Techniques that are guaranteed to increase their ability to learn and use exercises efficiently
  • Special select drills used to achieve peak results and player mastery


Best At The Bay Bonus Seminar

Saturday December 29, 2012   7:30-9:30PM
The Alamo Academy, in  Corpus Christi, Texas 
College Coaches/Major League Scout  will give a speech on a baseball topic that night at the ballroom to parents and players.
Coaching Staff Seminar Speakers:
  • Jake Wells, Assistant Coach, Mississippi State University
  • Steve Schnall, Major League Scout, Cincinnati Reds
  • Jon Coyne, Assistant Coach, University of Texas-Pan American
  • Bryan Alexander,Head Coach, Alvin Community College
  • Rick Heines, Assistant Coach, Texas Lutheran University


A Once in a Life Time Opportunity You Can’t Miss
When comparing the Best At The Bay seminar with other similar events, especially if you’ve been to some before, you know they cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 with as many as 150 players attending!  But, at the Best At The Bay, there are only 30 spots available for every high school baseball player…IN THE WORLD to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to get quality person training from the pros you’ve got to act now.
OR CALL 361-852-2287


Before I go, let me remind you that the seminar listed above is a BONUS but not limited, if you sign up you’re guaranteed a spot at the seminar.  But, currently (as of October 11th, there’s on 30, 28, 20, 19 spots left (11 spots purchased in 3 days of release so far) for the Best At The Bay camp.  Event and available spaces are going fast.  So, to reserve your high school baseball player a chance to be seen by the coaches who can make a drastic difference in the success of their future, just sign up today!

Lets play ball,











Jason Alamo, Best At The Bay Director


P.S. Players don’t always get the details that they need to be prepared to be the best they can be. That’s why they have to go to the Best At The Bay event…to get that extra detailed training to get “the edge.” And, the edge is coming to Corpus Christi.


OR CALL 361-852-2287